Buying your first investment property

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Buying your first investment home?   Where to start?    It is important when buying an investment home that you work with a professional so that you can ensure a strong ROI (return on investment).   There are two main reasons for entering into the property investment game.   You usually are looking for a passive income while having your building increase in ...Read More


Preparing your home for spring

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Spring is fast approaching and this means ice/snow melt and constant water run off.   Be prepared and make sure all around your home the water has a natural path to follow to disperse away from your home and foundation.    Clear out all the debris in your gutters as water overflowing can cause a lot of damage.   Be aware of your surroundings and if you live near river...Read More


Preparing for listing

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When listing a home for sale in Barrie, it is important to declutter.   Prospective buyers need to see past the noise to envision themselves living in that space.  Barrie real estate is a very competitive market and it is important that we are always one step ahead of the competing properties.    Ask your listing agent for a listing preparation check list.    ...Read More


First Time Home Buyers

Tags: Government Incentives

First time home buyers.   The federal government has incentives when buying your first home.   Make sure to research or have your mortgage specialist explain them in detail.   Your real estate professional can help guide you through this.   Some if the incentives include:  Borrow up to $ 25,000 from RRSP, Income tax credit up to $5000, Land transfer tax...Read More


Why Barrie, Ontario

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It is much cheaper to live in Barrie and commute to Toronto.   Barrie is about 1 hour from Toronto but this closeness is not reflected in the prices of homes.   An average price for a house in Toronto in January 2019 was approx $ 830,000 while in Barrie it was approx $ 490,000.    Barrie is a great family orientated city with a vibrant waterfront with free access for ...Read More